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Washington is an "open carry" state for firearms

This means a person may carry a firearm in an exposed holster without any kind of permit unless there is something that makes it specifically illegal. (For example, carrying a weapon onto primary or secondary school grounds or other prohibited places, or carrying a weapon by most felons or anyone convicted of a domestic violence crime.)

Washington has a state preemption statue

Due to state preemption, no city, town, county, or other municipality can restrict your right to keep and bear arms more than the state. (RCW 9.41.290)

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What is "Warranting alarm"?

In 1969, RCW 9.41.270 was passed in light of the intimidating actions of the Black Panther Party in both the State of California and in Seattle. Analysis of the legislative intent behind the bill and final law indicated that the Washington State Legislature never intended this to be a gun control bill, and stripped out in committee provisions of the bill which would have prohibited carry within 500 feet of any "public building" for fear it would ensnare a peaceable open carrier walking nearby, thereby violating a person’s rights under Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution. This is not to say that all forms of open carry are lawful. The key word is "peaceable".

Can I carry in a bank, grocery store, church?

They are all private property and may impose their own rules. The Federal Government may own shares of a bank but they DO NOT function as Federal Property.

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All firearms laws and interpretations noted here are provided for your information and research. You are responsible to know and understand the law, before you carry a firearm. Please refer to the Revised Code of Washington or a lawyer if you need more information.